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Jul 03


This post is continuing my good stuff week of posts. It discusses matters of my personal sex life so if that is TMI for you please don’t read. The first time I tried anal sex I was stupid. It was my idea but we were stupid nonetheless. I knew nothing about anal, and all we …

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Jun 27

Because I am an atheist

This is my submission to Crommunist’s Because I am an atheist series and has has full permission to reprint on his website. Because I am an atheist: I am more moral.  The confidence that I was doing “god’s work” kept me blind to the harm I caused with my religion. I believed the “hate the …

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Jun 25

Skepticism, social justice, and me

I am going to my first skeptic convention in October, CSICon in Nashville, TN. I am totes excited at the opportunity given to me by the kindness of an (almost) stranger. My excitement at going seems a bit strange for me because I don’t automatically identify as a skeptic. I try to think skeptically, yes …

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Jun 19

Vacation 2012 part deux

A few more pics from our long overdue vacation:                

Jun 19

Vacation 2012

I wanted my vacation post to be the first one since I got back but I was distracted by the need to do yesterday’s post. If you don’t watch the news it will pass you by. Nonetheless we are back and I did take some pictures while I was gone. The first one is of …

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May 14

The shame we feel

Trigger warning for today’s post as it discusses my childhood rape. I want to talk about shame. Shame takes many forms so I could go all over the place but today it is one very specific kind of shame. The shame a rape victim feels. I was quite young when my step father raped me. …

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May 04

A few words

Tomorrow I hope to report on a wonderful day of fun and celebration at the UC Pride festival in Cookeville TN. I hope I can walk my children into the park and not have to explain to them why there are hateful people with signs, yelling and calling people names, threatening eternal torture with Hell …

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Apr 30

Opening the door

This one will be harder on me than it is on you. If you read my repost on Saturday it should have given you some clue that I have some secrets, that these secrets suffocate me, and that I am trying my best to survive. Today, I am going to open my closet and try …

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Apr 28

A constant battle with coats (repost)

This is a repost of something I wrote in my first two weeks of starting this blog. It was not widely read and I feel it is a good intro to a post I will be doing next week. So if you are one of the four people who read this the first time, feel …

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Apr 16

Some squee

So I have to apologize. I have neglected contributing much this past week, and this weekend has been a really difficult weekend for my mental health. I am going to try and get back into the swing of this blogging thing soon but as a peace offering I bring you some of the pics Nissa …

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