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Jun 28

Some meta and music

So a reader informed me the other day that my RSS feed is borked so I am going to play around with some different themes today to try and see if it is the theme. Eventually I want to have a theme with a banner anyway, but that requires me to pick a theme Jarreg …

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May 14

Over on the sidebar

You will find a new widget in the form of the a Paypal donate button. I want to talk about that a little. It looks something like this: When we started this blog we considered doing ads to help cover the costs to maintain the site. We decided not to at this time. Instead we …

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Apr 26

Just a quick apology

For not blogging much recently. Been kind of busy and debating heavily about writing this thing that has been on my mind. As a peace offering I offer you a music video. Btw if you don’t like Harry Chapin, go ahead and leave this blog cause you can’t possibly understand good music. </sarcasm>  Harry Chapin …

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Apr 21

Non-Fiction Friday: Have a Nice Doomsday, Why Millions of Americans are Looking Forward to the End of the World

Non-Fiction Friday is on Saturday this week due to our observance of the Day of Silence. The Day of Silence is over now. Please don’t stay silent. If you see injustice, whether it be bullying or oppression or corruption, if you see the rights of others being trampled, please speak up. Those of us who …

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Apr 10

Nifty app

Well only if you are a cis gender woman with a functional uterus. Period Tracker Android and iPhone The app averages the last three periods to predict your next one, and you can add notes to track moods, symptoms, and even written notes. If you are tracking periods for ovulation, Period Tracker also tells you …

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Mar 31

Music Filler

I like this song. I enjoy both the Eminem and the Tori Amos version. I post this one because it draws focus to the skill Eminem has as a storyteller. Plus it is haunting as hell in lullaby form. There are a lot of things I can’t stand about Eminem but there is no denying …

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Mar 30

Some Perspective

Twelve years after the Voyager 1 spacecraft left earth, 6 billion kilometers away at the very edge of our solar system, the craft turned around and snapped this photo. There, a tiny speck hidden in a faint beam of light, is the earth. I leave you with the words of Carl Sagan. They make me tear up every time …

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