My kind of squeee

So I love bunnies.

Really I love a lot of animals, but I have a special kind of relationship with bunnies.

First off, I could snuggle a bunny till the end of time. No animal is quite as snuggle worthy as a bunny. Snugliness however is only half the nature of my special relationship with bunnies. The other half is that just about every bunny I see looks so tasty I could eat it.

I don’t know what causes it. I have never eaten rabbit. A long time ago I got in my head that rabbit stew must be the greatest stew ever. Ever since then, when I see a cute snugly bunny, I not only want to bury my face in its fur, I also want to gut it and serve it for dinner.

I know, I know. It’s horrible. I can’t help it though, and the good news is that I have no intention of harming someone’s pet.  Domestic bunnies all over the world are safe from my sickness. I might break down and have me a wild rabbit stew one day, but I promise to go no further.

So where does the squee come in?

Well today I found a bunny that is so damn cute I can’t even imagine eating it.